Latest Update posted Mon 23rd Nov- SCHOOL CLOSURE

School will be closed for the week, for all children, and will open again on Monday 30th November. Reception Classes must now self-isolate until Thursday 3rd December, and return on Friday 4th December. 

September 2020 school re-opening plans COVID- 19

Please click here to read our re-opening plans and other documents including information packs for each year group.

If you still have questions, please email us at and we will do our best to reply back quickly.


School Tours

School tours are suspended at the moment until further notice. However you can still register your interest by sending an email to 

We will be in touch with you when tours resume. Thank you

wellbeing tip of the month….....

Many people who practice mindfulness meditation report increased self-awareness. Simply taking a moment every day to stop, close your eyes and check in with your body and mind is a simple way to do this. Perhaps you realise your shoulders are tense, you may be feeling tired or excited. There is no need to do anything else except recognise and accept. You can carry out this exercise in private or even on the bus. Just sit and be with yourself, kindly listening to what is going on without judgement.

To support all of our mental health FUTRnow have created some wonderful, family friendly, free resources at . Please feel free to add them to your daily routines.

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School Uniform can be purchased online and in-store from PMG in Hanwell....School Uniform can be purchased online and in-store from PMG in Hanwell....



We kindly request that due to pupil needs, food containing traces of nuts are not brought in. Thank you for your partnership.


Grange Primary is a Rights Respecting School. United Nations Children's Right Charter: Our Article of the Half Term is: You have the right to get information that is important to your well being.


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