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wellbeing tip of the month….....


Happy New Year!

This January may not be quite what we were all expecting, but there are ways to boost our mood and create some positivity.

Sleep- when we sleep, chemicals are released in our brain which helps manage our moods and emotions, so rest when you feel the need and make your bedtime routine nurturing. Have a warm bath or shower, switch off all mobile devices and maybe read a bedtime story to your family or to yourself. Before falling asleep, think of 5 things you are grateful for. This will mean you drop off with positive thoughts in your mind and hopefully have a restful night.

Taking time for self-care is a vital tool for wellbeing and should be a priority. Should you require support, help or just someone to talk to please use the link below to access a variety of agencies and charities available.

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School Uniform can be purchased online and in-store from PMG in Hanwell....School Uniform can be purchased online and in-store from PMG in Hanwell....



We kindly request that due to pupil needs, food containing traces of nuts are not brought in. Thank you for your partnership.


Grange Primary is a Rights Respecting School. United Nations Children's Right Charter: Our Article of the Half Term is: You have the right to get information that is important to your well being.


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