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Welcome to Grange Governing Body

As governors of Grange Primary School, we are responsible in law for the school and for making sure it strives for high standards of educational achievement and conduct.  We are pleased to introduce ourselves here and to tell you about our work.

By clicking on the blue headings below, you’ll find lots of information about how we organise ourselves and our activities and, if you are interested in becoming a Grange governor, how you can apply.

Should you wish to contact the Governing Body, please do so by writing to the Chair of Governors, either care of the school or at


Purpose & activities

Find out about what Grange governors do and how often.  We describe our activities and the time we put into them.


Terms of Reference

View our four Terms of Reference documents. These set out the membership & meeting arrangements and the roles & responsibilities for our full Governing Body, Curriculum & Standards Committee, Management Committee and Staffing Sub-committee.


Register of Interests & Governors’ Details

View our ‘Register of Interests’ which lists our personal and financial interests that may conflict with our role as governors. 


Meet the Governors

You’ll see photos and details of our backgrounds and why we’re governors at Grange.  You’ll also find listed how we as individuals each contribute to the Governing Body.


How to become a governor

Learn about Grange’s 4 types of governors and how to become a governor.


Governors’ Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct is signed and adhered to by every governor of Grange Primary School.


Governor vacancies

Find out about current Grange Governor vacancies and details about how to apply.