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Grange Primary School

Vision, Values & Aims

Nurturing Excellence Together


Our Aims

As a Rights Respecting School, our children will be well-rounded, with clear values, behaviour for learning skills, play skills, and good mental and physical health.

They will have access to excellent key skills, knowledge and vocabulary across the curriculum.

As a result, our children will understand their place in the world, take responsibility and make a difference.

Every member of the community will work together to make this a reality.


Our Curriculum

Our teaching will develop learning attitudes – creativity, independence, collaboration, enquiry, problem solving and risk taking.

Children will be taught a progression of high quality subject skills, knowledge and vocabulary in order to be successful.

Teaching will reflect on ‘Our World’; our cultures, the past and present, and the part we play in our world.

Our Values








Promoting British Values



We are a diverse school community with 847 pupils and speaking over 42 languages. We benefit enormously from our rich cultural community and irrespective of our many nationalities; pupils, staff, governors and parents are proud to actively promote British values.



Promoting British Values as part of SMSC (Spiritual, Moral, Social & Cultural education)

The below document explains what actions we take through our teaching to promote fundamental British values at Grange.