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Introducción  (Introduction)

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Dear Parents/ Carers & Children,

In accordance with the National Curriculum 2014, children at Grange Primary School have the opportunity to study Spanish as the Modern Foreign Language of choice. Children are introduced to Spanish in Reception and KS1 and continue in KS2, where it is statutory to study a foreign language.


Why Spanish?

Spanish has the second largest number of native speakers in the world. It is the official language of 20 countries. Although it is not an official language, it is also spoken in the United States, Belize, Andorra and Gibraltar.

The benefits of learning a foreign language have been long proven. It can boost children lives in many areas both now and in the future. The benefits range from higher academic achievement and greater career success to better interpersonal relationships.


Learning a foreign language not only provides a foundation for learning further languages but it also prepares children to face an increasing multicultural society with confidence and understanding of other cultures.

At Grange Primary School we aim for the children not only to learn the basic elements of the Spanish language but also to instil in them the enjoyment and excitement of learning a new language.


Hope you enjoy learning Spanish!


Mrs Agudo

Spanish Specialist Teacher