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Grange Primary School

Poetry Competition Y4

A Poetry competition was held on Fri 27th May. Click on the below videos to watch the children who took part. Thank you to the coaches Mr Glanfield, Mrs Bell & Mrs Quirke.

Year 4 (Skylark, Starling, Nightingale and Swift)

Cornelia- One Eye (her own poem)

Ilona- Please Mrs Butler

Niyah- Room on the Broom

Vivian- Cake

Shae- The Sound (his own poem)

Scarlett, Lola and Dee Dee- Please Mrs Butler

Ahmed, Nikolaos & Vicente- Please Mrs Butler

Ethan- Minister Moo (his own poem)

Huxley- The Raging Poem (his own poem)

Olaitan- Friendship Poem