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Teaching Maths across the school

 How do we learn to calculate?


Dear Children and Parents,

Learning how to calculate can be tricky! Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division can be confusing. Below are the steps that we teach at Grange Primary School.

Find the learning that you are focussing on from +,  -, x, ÷

Read the explanation and then watch the clip to see a Grange pupil bring the method to life.

The purpose of this interactive page is to allow pupils and parents access to the teaching strategies that we teach, when at home learning, talking about the days lessons or doing homework.

At Grange we also have a maths reward system which encourages children and makes learning fun.

Click here to find out how to win a Maths Award.



Click on the maths symbols below to view the clips:

NOTE: These video clips can only be viewed on Windows devices (Desktop PC or a laptop)

Addition/ adding

Multiplication/ times by

Subtraction/ taking away

Division/ sharing