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EALING No Learner Left Behind

Ealing No Learner Left Behind (Black Caribbean Achievement) Programme

Following on from Ealing’s Race Equality Commission, chaired by Lord Simon Woolley, Ealing Learning Partnership has rolled out a new programme, called ‘No Learner Left Behind’. Grange Primary School has joined this programme along with a variety of other primary and secondary schools in Ealing.  The purpose of this programme is to work with students, parents, staff and the wider community to develop a shared understanding of the issues and key concepts affecting Black Caribbean students and develop a framework for action to ensure our Black Caribbean students are able to reach their full potential.


At Grange, our staff have undergone training on topics such as unconscious bias and black contributions throughout history to help develop our cultural competence, and be able to move from being a non-racist school to an anti-racist school.


The No Learner Left Behind programme began as a two year initiative, where we started by examining our curriculum offer; putting a lot more world history and geography into our lessons, alongside dealing with the facts of racism, slavery and oppression across the world. Here at Grange, we aim to develop a curriculum inclusive of all cultures and differences.


As we continue on our journey towards true anti-racism, we will be adapting what and how we teach, looking at factors within and beyond the classroom, and also how to better engage with parents and communities.


We will be sharing parental training opportunities when they arise, and hoping to get regular attendance at meetings specifically for Black parents and families. 


The Black Caribbean Champions at Grange are Miss Talbutt and Mrs Morato.


Please see an example of some of the changes to our History and Geography here: