Specialist Subject: PE (from Mrs Prentice)

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Half Term- Mrs Prentice's One Minute PE Challenge

During the half term, why not have a go at the One Minute PE Challenge? How many exercises can you do in 60 seconds? If you look closely at the photos of the physical activities, you just might recognise the person doing them!

Let me know how you get on by adding what you have done onto the school blog. When you want to submit and publish, scroll down to ‘Non Class Based’ and post in there – that’s where I can see it!

Check with an adult if you are allowed to add a photo of you doing your PE challenge. If not, you can just write what you did and how many.

Good luck!

Mrs Prentice.


    International Dance Day

    Did you know it was International Dance Day on 29th April 2020? Have a go at some dancing – get your family to join in!

    Click on the links below for some dance ideas and resources:

WEEK 1 & 2