VE Day (Victory in Europe)


Friday 8th May is an important date as it will be 75 years since the end of World War II - it is known as VE Day (Victory in Europe). Normally there would be lots of celebrations across the UK however it is important that we stay at home and keep safe.

However, it does not mean that we can't learn about VE day or celebrate it. On this page you will find resources and activities that you can complete with your family eg, how to write secret codes, fun art & listen to popular WW2 songs!   

Key Stage 1



VE Day Art Activities for everyone!



Katherine Jenkins VE Day Concert 

Katherine Jenkins is performing at an empty Royal Albert Hall which will be aired at 6 pm on Friday 8th May - this is definitely one to watch! It's a very unique concert and also is supporting fantastic charities too. 

Click here to watch the VE Day Concert

Key Stage 2



Songs and YouTube clips



 We'll meet Again

(Piano accompaniment and lyrics)


Click here for the song lyrics (PDF)

Click below for the piano accompaniment: