Welcome to

Grange Primary School

English as an Additional Language (EAL)

We are proud to have children at Grange Primary School who can speak different languages.


We have two class based teachers who have knowledge of EAL provision and support staff through resources and training. 


Mrs Kuras (Year 1 Teacher/EAL Specialist) and Mrs Hoad (Year 3/EAL Specialist)


At Grange Primary School, we offer the following:


• EAL assemblies to celebrate and share different languages; 

• Display boards to showcase different languages;

• Parent workshops to offer strategies on how children can be supported at home with their learning, led by the two EAL specialists.

• EAL interventions across the school

• Ongoing advice and training for teachers with newly arrived EAL children, including learning packs

• As a school we have an access to very good EAL websites by Gordon Ward with lots of interactive EAL games.


If you require further information, please speak to the class teacher in the first instance.