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Family Support

My name is Yola Campbell and I am the Grange Primary School Safeguarding Officer.

Safeguarding includes many things such as: helping families in need, working with external professionals, providing food bank vouchers, signposting families to support services, or sometimes just having a supportive conversation to a parent about their child.


In addition to this, at Grange Primary School, we try out best to look after the emotional wellbeing of all our students. I run the “Grange Space” which gives each and every child access to 1:1 safe space If they feel they need it. I also run ELSA groups and ELSA 1:1 sessions- for children with more specific emotional or mental health needs. Sometimes the groups are great just for some social skills!


I am a qualified ELSA (Emotional Literacy Support Assistant) and use my skills to support the children through their normal day to day emotions. Please feel free to ask for me at the office or send me an email via the admin email address.