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At Grange we are focusing on enthusing a love of reading in our pupils. Each classroom has a recently updated reading area, children visit the school library once a week from where they can borrow a book to take home plus they have a reading book. Four times a week there are guided reading sessions in class, one of which will involve pupils in a small group working with their teacher on a specific reading task whilst the other children enjoy reading for pleasure with independent follow up activities.

Children should be reading every night; even if they can read fluently it is still important to spend time with them talking about their books and new vocabulary they have seen and to check their comprehensions of what is happening in the book. Parents should also sign the yellow reading record book, and comment if possible, daily. Your support with this is very important.

Children are encouraged to read by recording books on a recently introduced ‘Reading Award’ card whereby they gain certificates for reading a certain number of books. They are encouraged to write reviews about the books they have read to display in their classes. Teachers read aloud to children every day from the class novel.

From time to time new books will be introduced, pertaining to a certain theme, to each year group and there are seasonal interactive displays in the library.

For the past two years our Year 3 pupils have been lucky enough to participate on the National Literacy Trust’s Young Reader Programme. You can read a success story here: http://www.literacytrust.org.uk/about/successes/6919_young_readers_programme_gets_pupils_excited_about_reading_at_grange_primary_school and see photos of the events in ‘Our Galleries’.

Younger pupils visit Ealing Library and at various meetings parents are able to complete Ealing Library membership forms and we process them as part of an outreach programme. Grange is lucky enough to have volunteers who read with children from both our parents and the wider community. If you can spare time to come in and read with children please contact Miss Kondo via the school office.

You will find a recommended reading list for each group; this is not an exhaustive list and there are many available on the internet, but it is a starting point and you may wish to read other books from the same author. Here are some websites that you may find useful:












Click here to view the recommended reading list for Early Years