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Year 5 Spelling

The revised National Curriculum (September 2014) includes statutory spelling requirements for Years 3 & 4 together and Years 5 & 6 together plus a high frequency word list. At Grange we have broken the spelling requirement down into a programme for each of the four year groups. Therefore every half term each year group will have explicit spelling lessons on different spelling rules and patterns: they will also be given words to take home and learn to be tested on in class. The word list is tested three times a year and additional lessons may be given covering the words on those lists too.

Spellings are displayed in class and children are encouraged to find them during their reading and use them in their work. After testing they are taken down and complied into a class spelling book for future reference. Children’s work is marked correctly and they have to complete spelling corrections for a reasonable number of words, if they make mistake.

Whilst younger children are encouraged to make phonetically plausible attempts at spelling, once the rule/pattern has been taught they are expected to spell words correctly. The more a child reads the better their spelling (and vocabulary) will be as they will have had more exposure to the correct spelling.  

You will find here the National Curriculum word list and our spelling programme based on the National Curriculum requirements. You may also find it useful to look at the phonics information and videos in EYFS and Year 1.


Click here to view the Spelling Word list for Year 5

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