Nurturing Excellence Together

  1. Key Information
  2. Staff

School Staff

Teaching Staff



Mr Jamie Maloy

Head teacher

Miss Sarah Mears

Deputy Head teacher

Mrs Sabina Sidhu

Deputy Head teacher




Mrs J Nourse 

Nursery - Nursery leader

Mrs A Lowe

Reception - Owl, Year leader

Miss M Bevan

Reception - Robin

Miss L Burnett

Reception - Sparrow




Year 1

Mrs Y West

Year 1 - Pipit, Year leader

Mrs S Prentice

Year 1 - Pelican

Mrs A Kuras

Year 1 - Penguin




Year 2

Mrs L Morgan

Year 2 – Sandpiper, Year leader

Miss K Evans

Year 2 – Tern

Miss M Bains

Year 2 – Pintail

Mr T Heycock

Year 2 – Kittiwake




Year 3

Mrs R Suthayalai

Year 3 – Swallow, Year leader

Mrs T Hoad & Mrs A Kalam 

Year 3 - Kingfisher

Mr M Denny

Year 3 - Finch

Miss Piantadosi

Year 3 - Wagtail



Year 4

Miss K Talbutt

Year 4 - Swift, Year leader

Miss R Johal

Year 4 - Starling

Mrs J Cushen

Year 4 - Skylark



Year 5

Mrs J Morato

Year 5 - Swan, Year leader

Mrs N Dodwell & Mrs F Macdonald

Year 5 – Teal

Miss A Goindi

Year 5 - Flamingo




Year 6

Mrs L Bell

Year 6 - Falcon, Year leader

Miss R Cobb

Year 6 - Buzzard

Mrs T Hind

Year 6 – Eagle

Miss J McDonagh

Year 6 - Kestrel


Subject / Cover

Miss R Aguado


Mrs P Cholewa


Mrs E Crockatt (ex. Tues)


Mrs L King (Fri, Tues)


Mr R Sund (Wed, Thurs)



Mrs S Tahir (Mon, Tues, Fri)

Year 5








Miss M Hargie


Mr C Manley


Mr L Lawrence


Support Staff

Mrs Y Campbell Safeguarding Officer
Mrs D Roberts Inclusion Officer
Mrs F Warusevitane, Mrs R Hackman, Miss S O'Sullivan Nursery Nurses
Mr D Selby Nursery Nurse
Mrs K Dawkins Nursery Nurse
Mrs G Griffin Nursery Nurse


Miss S Heena Teaching Assistant
Mrs R Grygiel Teaching Assistant 
Miss E Lopez Teaching Assistant
Mrs U Smith Teaching Assistant
Miss M Henderson Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Bilkhu Teaching Assistant
Mrs N Rizwan Teaching Assistant
Miss C Workman Teaching Assistant
Mrs M Hassan Teaching Assistant
Mrs H Panchal School Business Manager
Mrs D Shah Finance, Data and HR Officer
Ms S Cooney Admissions and Attendance Officer
Miss P Newell Communications & Information Co-Ordinator
Miss S Dodson First Aid Assistant
Mr P Lowe Site Manager
Mr W Wenman  Site Supervisor

Cleaners & SMSA's


Mrs S Bhere
Mrs R Dhariwal

Ms T Gay
Mrs L Hassan

Mrs I Hirsi

Mrs A Khera
Mrs H Nahar
Ms V Skenderaj
Ms M Sowinska
Mrs S Temouri


Mrs K Serpanchy (SMSA Supervisor)
Mrs Y Acosta - Mesa
Mrs Z Ahmed
Ms L Cook
Mrs V Dodson
Miss K Dryland
Mrs S Ferlisi
Mrs M Hawkes
Mrs R Imtiaz
Mrs S Khan
Mrs T Khan

Mrs A Khera
Mrs A Mahmoud
Mrs I Ramzan
Ms L Smaiti
Mrs A Talukder
Mrs S Temouri

Ms C Wenman
Ms H Zaffari
Ms L Zanova