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Summer Term

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Week 14 Maths Resources: Lesson 1: Telling the Time to 5 mins (Answers)      Lesson 2: Hours and Days (Answers)

                                               Lesson 3: Find durations of time (Answers)           Lesson: Compare durations of time (Answers)

                                               Time Capsule Activity Booklet

Week 13 Maths Resources: Lesson 1: Litres (Answers)                                Lesson 2: Termperature (Answers)

                                               Lesson 3: O' clock and half past (Answers)      Lesson 4: Quarter past and quarter to (Answers)

Week 12 Maths Resources: Lesson 1:Measure mass in gram (Answers)      Lesson 2:Measure mass in kilograms (Answers)

                                               Lesson 3: Compare volume (Answers)               Lesson 4: Mililitres (Answers)


Week 11 Maths Resources: Lesson 1: Measure Lengths (Answers)                        Lesson 2 : Compare Lengths (Answers)

                                               Lesson 3: Four operations with lengths (Answers)       Lesson 4: Compare mass (Answers)


Week 10 Maths Resources: Lesson 1: Properties of 2D Shapes (Answers)      Lesson 2: Properties of 3D Shapes (Answers)

                                               Lesson 3: Sorting Shapes (Answers)                     Lesson 4: Shape Patterns (Answers)


Week 9 Maths Resources:  Lesson 1: Unit Fractions (Answers)                          Lesson 2: Non- unit Fractions (Answers)

                                              Lesson 3: Find a half (Answers)                               Lesson 4: Find a Quarter (Answers)

Week 8 Maths Resources: Lesson 1: The 10 times-table (Answers)                    Lesson 2: Make equal groups (Answers)

                                             Lesson 3: Make equal groups- grouping (Answers)   Lesson 4: Odd & even numbers (Answers)

Week 7 Maths Resources: Lesson 1: Multiplication Sentences (Answers)           Lesson 2: Using Arrays (Answers)

                                             Lesson 3: The 2 Times- Table (Answers)                    Lesson 4: The 5 Times- Table (Answers)

Week 6 Maths ResourcesLesson 1: Adding and Subtracting Tens (Answers)    Lesson 2: Add 2 digit numbers (Answers)

                                             Lesson 3: Subtract 2 digit numbers (Answers)           Lesson 4: Bonds to 100 tens (Answers)


Maths Intervention Resources for Week 13:

Maths Intervention for Week 13      Clock      Quarter past and Quarter to        O' Clock and Half Past     Litres     Temperature


Maths Intervention Resources for Week 12:

Maths Intervention for Week 12          Number Bonds to 20          Number Bonds to 10         Times Tables Poster        Patterns


Maths Intervention Resources for Week 11:

  Maths Intervention for Week 11         Odd & Even        Measure & Length       3 Times Table & Number Line     3 Times Table


Maths Intervention Resources for Week 10:

  Maths Intervention for Week 10        Capacity         Temperature        10 Times tables        5 Times tables        2 Times tables 


Maths Intervention Resources for Week 9:

Maths Intervention for Week 9                   Unit Fractions                Finding a Quarter                   Finding a Half

Fraction Sorting              Mixed Fractions

Maths Intervention Resources for Week 8:

Maths Intervention for Week 8              Fractions of Shapes             Mixed Fractions          One Quarter           One Half


Maths Intervention Resources for Week 7:

Maths Intervention for Week 7        Animal Rotation        Turtle Rotation        5 times- tables activity     2 times- tables activity     


Maths Intervention Resources for Week 6:

Maths Intervention for Week 6           Right and Left            Prepositions           Where is Max          Sorting 3D Shapes


 Maths Intervention Resources for Week 5:

Maths Intervention for Week 5      2D Shape Properties      2D Shape Colouring       Spectacular Symmetry      Butterfly Outline                       3D Shape Animals         3D Shapes        2D and 3D Shape colouring          3D Shape Properties

Spring Term

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